What They Are Saying!

“Chill Factor is both an entertaining tale of an underdog sports franchise that beat the odds and a highly compelling marketing case study. It’s a terrific story, well told, and the marketing and leadership lessons will stay with you long after you put it down.”

Kevin Sullivan Communications, Inc., White House communications director (2006-09)

"The on-ice success of the Chill would eventually result in a minor league record for consecutive sellouts and help set the table for the arrival of the NHL Blue Jackets in the fall of 2000. You will find Chill Factor to be a fun and informative read on the running of a successful minor league franchise in Columbus, Ohio.”

George Matthews, original radio voice of the Columbus Blue Jackets

"Chill Factor is the intriguing story of this happening and the mastermind behind it, team President David Paitson, whose approach in life is akin to Jerry Seinfeld and his promotions like Bill Veeck on steroids.”

Don Granato, Assistant Coach Buffalo Sabres

Chill Factor is a fun story of off-the-wall marketing and keen vision turning a college sports town into a major league NHL city. It is told through the words of the man responsible for setting that vision, sports executive David Paitson.

Joe Pelletier, HockeyBookReviews.com

For those interested in pursuing dreams of professional sports ownership, Paitson’s plan is a lively blueprint, covered with guts, daring, and the forging into the unknown, to construct a story important in its community and powerful in its end result.

Mark Brown, The Hockey Writers

If you or someone you know is a sports management major, or you are a die-hard sports fan who wants to be led step by step on the challenges faced by team ownership and employees, then Chill Factor is the gift that will keep on giving.

Utica Observer-Dispatch

Chill Factor is a darn good hockey book and marketing tool. Fun, entertaining, and all the sports inside stuff you could want. Paitson and Merz light the lamp with an overtime goal, with Chill Factor.

Utica Observer-Dispatch

If you’re looking for a terrific, offbeat hockey book, I suggest you buy CHILL FACTOR — How A Minor League Hockey Team Changed A City Forever.

Stan Fishler, Quoth the Maven

The first-person view of establishing and marketing a hockey team makes for a unique book. The print ads shown in the opening chapters are laugh-out-loud funny. Those who “geek out” about hockey history, minor league hockey or the evolution of Columbus as an NHL city will thoroughly enjoy it.

Sal Barry, Puck Junk

Hockey fans, especially fans of the Blue Jackets and those who followed the Chill will love these stories about the team that overcame long odds and proved to the world that Columbus was indeed a hockey city. It was certainly entertaining.

The Guy Who Reviews Sports Books

What the Columbus Chill had is hard to quantify, but I think it was soul. Their antics were genuine and touched their audience far deeper than anyone could expect. Their soul’s divinity was to entertain the fans. Fun was so imbedded into their DNA that their success amazingly spawned a major league team.

Jon Spoelstra, American author, sports marketer, and a former NBA executive

Meet David Paitson

Dr. David Paitson (david@davidpaitsonpresents.com, @davidpaitson) was the president and general manager of the Columbus Chill from 1991–98. He and the Chill team inspire a city-wide passion and excitement for ice sports championing efforts to bring an NHL expansion franchise to Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Paitson is a career sports business executive who was central in establishing six unique sports businesses and served in leadership capacities in the NBA, NHL, and NCAA.

From Minor League to Major League in Six Years!

Chill Factor takes readers into the front office and onto the rink, giving every angle of how a small town was able to get behind a working-class team that fought both on and off the ice. This thrilling account will appeal to those who remember the Chill’s reign, as well as those who enjoy seeing the underdog climb the ladder to sports supremacy.

Minor-League Hockey’s Most Impactful Franchise!

The Columbus Chill (East Coast Hockey League, 1991-99) was embraced as the Best Sporting Event in Columbus (1992 & 1993, Columbus Monthly) over Ohio State University sports. The Chill would set a minor-league hockey 83- game sellout streak and received coverage from national media outlets Wall Street Journal, ABC World News Sunday, Sports Illustrated, and The Hockey News. The Chill was called by the most successful minor league hockey franchise in history by the Canadian Broadcasting Company.