Chill Factor is both an entertaining tale of an underdog sports franchise that beat the odds and a highly compelling marketing case study.

Kevin Sullivan, White House Communications Director (2006-2009)

Fun was do embedded into their DNA that their success amazingly spawned a major-league team. If I could get into a time machine I’d go back and enjoy those Columbus Chill games.

Jon Spoelstra, Author, Marketing Outrageously

Chill Factor is the intriguing story of this happening and the mastermind behind it, team President David Paitson, whose approach in life is akin to Jerry Seinfeld and his promotions like Bill Veeck on steroids.

Don Granato, Associate Head Coach, University of Wisconsin

Chill Factor is a fun story of off-the-wall marketing and keen vision turning a college sports town into a a major league NHL city. And with that Columbus' sleepy downtown was transformed thanks to the billions of dollars of development created by the new downtown arena. And with that, the city's status was changed in the eyes of outsiders.

Joe Pelletier, Hockey Book Reviews

For those interested in pursuing dreams of professional sports ownership, Paitson's plan is a lively blueprint, covered with guts, daring, and the forging into the unknown, to construct a story important in its community and powerful in its end result.

Mark Brown, The Hockey Writers

Chill Factor (subtitled How a Minor-League Hockey Team Changed a City Forever) is the story of how all of that transpired — how the Chill came to be wonderfully successful in a city dominated by Ohio State University and how it all led to the construction of a new downtown arena and the arrival of the Blue Jackets.

Taking Note with Gregg Drinnan

Chill Factor details all the inside promotions, marketing, and hard work that goes into the birth of a professional sports franchise. If you or someone you know is a sports management major, or you are a die-hard sports fan who wants to be led step by step on the challenges faced by team ownership and employees, then Chill Factor is the gift that will keep on giving.

Don Laible, Utica Post-Dispatch